Sun 11/22/2009

Tonight I FINALLY finished the redesign of my illustration portfolio site, which is now online! This is one of those "top secret projects" I have been working on for a super long time, so it feels good to finally have it done! The old v1.0 site was really starting to feel outdated, so I'm glad to have this much-improved site in place.

I wrote a bit more about the homepage image over on my illustration blog, so head on over there if you want more details.

And thanks (as usual) to Mr. Nate Beaty for some last minute coding help. Nate recently redesigned his site as well, which is super slick, so check that out too while you're at it. Websites abound!

I don't have much else to blog about. I've been working like crazy this month and I've been getting a lot done. You know: drawing, teaching, cutting cardboard, playing pinball, soccer on Sundays. Every few days it'll get REALLY cold, but winter still hasn't hit yet in earnest. It won't be long though, I'm sure...

Anyway, Gabe is coming up to Vermont this week for Thanksgiving and he has been talking a lot of smack about how good he is at pinball, so hopefully I'll have dramatic high scores to post by the end of the week. I hope everyone has a great holiday!

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That image looks super-slick and professional! I predict that the commissions will come rolling in, and you'll be able to choose only the most lucrative assignments.

Andy Nov22

Outstanding illustration work, Alec! Looking forward to more!

Meredith Nov23

The new design looks superb Alec!

Cam Nov24

Alec I posted your Website and blog on the NHIA blog and there is also a link to my your blog on my blog as well Students are still talking about your excellent lecture and you may even get some emails from people.

Joel Gill Nov26

Thanks everyone! And thanks for the link Joel. I had a lot of fun speaking to your class!

Alec Nov29

your work continues to astound and inspire. keep up the rad work!

Patrick Dec01

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