Last Call for the Holidays!

Tue 12/15/2009

The semester wraps up this week and then on Saturday I started working my way back to the Pacific Northwest to spend the holidays with my family. I'll also be spending some time with Claire down in California, so if anyone wants to order any Phase 7 stuff, now is the time! (Is there any better holiday gift than handmade minicomics? I think not!) I can take orders up until Friday night (12/18), but after that people will have to wait until the new year for me to send out comics.

And while I'm shamelessly contributing to the commercialism of this season, I thought I'd let you all know that my old Pratt friend Kala Wright just created a new Zazzle store with some great holiday cards featuring her character Snowman Stansfield. Tangible Joy indeed!

I'll probably do some blogging from "the road" but it might be a while until my next post, so I'll just say now that I hope everyone has a great holiday season. I think all in all, 2009 was a really great year. Thanks to all of my amazing friends and family and students and co-teachers and bosses and subscribers and blog readers for making it such a memorable one, and let's hope 2010 is even better!

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Merry Christmas Alec -
Hope the Grubes see you come January!

Stefan Dec16

Merry Christmas!

Arlene Dec22

Thanks for the shout out Alec!

Kala Feb21

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