Mon 12/28/2009

After a week in the suburbs with my parents, I was starting to get a fever... PINBALL FEVER.

The day after Christmas, I googled "Pinball Seattle" and came up with a bar in the Belltown area that looked very promising, called Shorty's. On Saturday, I grabbed some lunch with my sister at Mama's Mexican Kitchen, one of my favorite restaurants in Seattle, which happens to be two doors down from Shorty's.

I walked in at noon, right as the bar was opening, so I had the whole place to myself. It's your average circus/clown themed bar, except that all the tables are PINBALL PLAYFIELDS. Buried at the back of the bar is the "Pinball Cove" which hosts one of the most amazing lineups of Pinball Machines I have ever seen assembled in one room.

I chatted up the barkeep while he was turning a few of my Sacagaweas into quarters, and he said that the owner of the bar was also a pinball mechanic, so he chose the best of the best games and kept them in tip-top order. He wasn't lying. Everything was working great (which is not always the case, since many of these machines are now pushing 20+ years of operation).

I put $2 in a number of machines (which gives you 5 credits) before settling on the crowned jewel of the collection: Revenge from Mars, which is the only other Pinball 2000 machine that was ever created. It's a faster, more challenging playfield, but the interactivity with the holographic screen is a little less polished than the Episode I game. It was still SUPER fun.

Then today, I went BACK to Shorty's with my Dad and we played some pinball together, which was a real treat for me. We mostly played Medieval Madness, partly because it was one of the easier machines to see (the "cove" is lit with black-lights, which makes it pretty hard to see the ball sometimes - my only real complaint of the place) but also because I have access to a Medieval Madness machine back in White River Junction (at the bowling alley, at the top of the hill) so the skills I built up today, learning the board, will not be wasted.

ANYWAY, Shorty's is a super awesome place and if I still lived in Seattle, I would be hanging out in there all the time. As it is, I will just have to make a stop there each time I come home to visit! Tomorrow I head to Portland... and more pinball! Mwa ha haaaa!

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Oh man I love Revenge From Mars! I'm in Asbury Park right now for the annual Bouncing Souls' Home for the Holidays shows, which is basically four days of shows and special events in town. Tonight is $5 all-you-can-play pinball all night at the Silverball Pinball Museum! I'm so stoked! Last time I was there I tried to play all the old timey games but I really love Revenge From Mars so I kept going back to it, but I felt guilty!

Liz B. Dec28

Shorty's is also the mythical bike courier bar in Seatlle: supposedly they have awesome vegetarian food too! I have never been there, but I hope to visit when I'm in Seattle after Stumptown.

p.s. When I tried to leave a comment, the name info was filled out automatically for LIZ BAILLIE, complete with her email address and website. I don't know how this ever could have happened, because as far as I know, she's never used my computer before. I took a screenshot because it blew my mind:


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