Mon 1/18/2010

INTERNET! I am still alive, and the year is 2010!!!

I apologize for my dearth of blog posts. I have been in Oakland for the past few weeks, and I felt more like spending my time there with Claire than typing out blog posts on the computer. But fear not! I took lots of photos and will be posting a recap of our many adventures soon.

I returned to White River Junction today, feeling very refreshed and well rested and ready for a new semester and a new year! 2010 has loomed large in my mind for many a year. "Twenty-Ten" has always sounded like THE FUTURE, and now it has arrived! I think it's going to be a really good year. I've got a bunch of cool projects lined up, and some new ideas about organization and productivity. I want to work REALLY, REALLY hard this year on my comics!

Here you can see the Blog Archive drawing for 2010. If the last six months were any indication, there will probably be a lot more Pinball posts here on the blog, but I'm also starting to think that Pinball is a good metaphor for LIFE. Most of the best Pinball players agree, 75% of the game is skill, but that last 25% is luck. And so it is with life! I've got some big plans for this year, and a lot I want to accomplish. I'm going to work super hard at it, but some things will just come down to luck. Hopefully things will fall into place and there won't be too many harsh drains along the way!

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I am excited for this upcoming clairesanders.net.

Right there with you Liz!

Alec Jan20

I love all the life-details you included in your pinball image. Took me a sec before I started noticing them. Keep up the great work, Alec. P.S. Thanks for my package the other day. I really appreciate it.

Ryan :)

Thanks Ryan! Don't look TOO closely at that drawing... You'll notice that it's got the harshest draining ramp exits of all time! :P

Alec Jan22

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