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Mon 2/28/2005

It is snowing kittens and puppies here in New York. I was running around doing errands on this, my last weekday of freedom (for a while), and I got that "whoa, I'm in NEW YORK" feeling, which seems to be happening less and less. There is just something about the city streets downtown when it is snowing and everyone is bundled up, still scurrying around.

Anyways, I was GOING to write this whole big entry about the Christo Gates, but apparently it's going to take TEN DAYS to take them all down and the crew started down at the South end of the park (I live at the North end, at the TOP!) so I've got at least another week and a half to check them out. I'll wait until I can't see them anymore and then share my thoughts about them. I will say that the Gates are EVEN COOLER when there is lots of wind and snow to shwoosh them around. Woooooooooooooooooooooosh.

So then I today I wrote this whole OTHER huge entry in my head about wandering around New York, staring at beautiful women (because I do that A LOT). But most of it seems pretty inappropriate now... The main points of interest were that I think girls who are like 18 or in their early 20s should not be called "pretty" because EVERYONE is pretty when they are that age (if you ask me). I feel like no one should be labeled as officially pretty until they are like 30. It's weird here, because there are SO MANY people, that you can sort of see TRENDS , or...I'm not sure what the word is. You can "trace" how people will develop (or HAVE developed). So the girl that is "hot" or stereotypically beautiful here (what I would call "pritty") is then going to be the older woman who looks mean and self-centered and is wearing too much make-up and has had plastic surgery. Whereas there will be some 32 year-old mother with no make-up who is REALLY beautiful (what I would call "pretty") and if you trace her backwards, she is the unassuming plain-looking girl reading her book in the corner.

ANYWAYS, I know I know, it's all very shallow and judgemental, but it's not beneath me. I am afterall, single and lonely and all that. The weirdest thing about all this is that I realized I'm attracted to women who are in their THIRTIES. !!?! I mean, I guess I'm 25... but CHRIST...

Okay, BLARG! I start work tomorrow, which I think is going to be cool... I scoped out the office today. It's a neat little 4-story building in a cool location, with a good park nearby and friends in other buildings closeby. If this weather ever clears up I'll have some good places to draw at during my lunch hour.

Also I'm going to a ROCK SHOW tomorrow night to see GRAHAM SMITH. It is also a TOP SECRET MISSION to get my friend Aaron a T-shirt, sticker or some other piece of Graham Smith paraphernalia. Wish me luck!

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