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Fri 3/5/2010

HOLY SMOKES, has it really been a WHOLE MONTH since I last posted a real blog entry??? Well Dear Readers, rest assured that I have been putting this time to good use! During the hiatus I transferred alec-longstreth.com to a new, more reliable (and cheaper) server AND redesigned a few sections of the site!

"But Alec!" you say, "That sounds SUPER complicated! How did YOU know how to transfer the database for this site and set it up again on a new server?" And the truth is I DON'T. As luck would have it, Nate Beaty was in White River Junction for a few days to be the visiting artist at CCS. Not only did Nate give a great talk, AND play about $20 of pinball with me over a four day period, but he also worked his crazy web design wizardry all over this site. MyAdminPHP and .htaccess and database files and permissions, and all this other crazy stuff that I have no idea about - Nate did it all for me in a twinkling.

Then, last night Nate helped me implement some SERIOUSLY overdue updates to the site. "WHAT updates?" you ask! Well, there are two main ones really:

1) The homepage. I was getting so sick of constantly (MANUALLY) updating the front page of this site with information about what movie I was watching or what book I was reading, etc. etc. etc. So Nate (bless his heart) told me about FriendFeed.com which is a service that lets you plug in a ton of RSS feeds from your various blogs or other sites (like Flickr, Netflix, GoodReads, etc.) and then it dumps them all into ONE RSS feed, which you can place on your site.

So if you check out homepage of this site you will see that I have a new UPDATES section which autoloads from my FriendFeed account. It's pretty cool! It's also got an easy to use "Status Update" feature, which I can use to post random links to stuff or other small stuff. It's about as close as I'm gonna get to twitter, so if you're interested in following that sort of thing, here's a link to my FriendFeed RSS (which is also linked on the top of this here blog page)

2) The Miscellaneous Section. The Illustration section has been REPLACED! Really, I should have done this back in 2007, as soon as I set up my illustration portfolio site. The new Miscellaneous Section now has links to all my other online activities as well as links to some of the content on this site that for YEARS, has been buried and hard to find. Today I quickly went through and updated a bunch of those pages, but there is still a lot of work to be done. I'll let you know on here as things are brought up to snuff.

I also added links on the side of this blog page and Nate did a ton of optimization stuff around the site, so it's running at top speed. Take a spin around and check out some of the new stuff that's up! And a MILLION thanks to Nate for helping me get everything organized, I'm super happy with the new site!

I've got a crazy backlog of blog entries to post, so GET READY! They're going to be coming at you rapid fire!!!

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shotgun blog blast! your "misc" section makes me think of resurrecting some relics on brainfag.com, but instead i think i'll doodle in my free time.

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