The Unsinkable Walker Bean!!!

Sun 3/7/2010

BY FAR, the most exciting thing that happened during my month-long blogging hiatus, was the arrival of an advanced copy of Aaron's next book, The Unsinkable Walker Bean!

I guess FirstSecond got a stack of advanced copies back from the printer, so they overnighted copies to Aaron and myself. I'm pretty sure the book won't be out until October, but the amazon page says August 31st? Well, anyway, some time this FALL, this book will hit the streets and let me tell you, it's WELL worth the wait!

Aaron has really outdone himself this time. The story is one of the most exciting adventure comics I've ever read and the drawings are just breathtaking. People are going to be reading Walker Bean on the edge of their chairs! I put over 700 hours of work into this book, coloring each of the 191 pages in Photoshop, which easily makes it the largest (finished) project I have ever worked on. I am extremely happy about how it all turned out - the book looks GREAT! FirstSecond even sprang for a GOLD printing on the title. It's pretty deluxe!

Anyway, I just wanted to let everyone know that the book exists, and it flipping RULLLLLES, so keep an eye out for it in the months to come. I will definitely post more about it, once it's out in the world for real.

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I am so excited for this!

Jason Mar08

Awesome, really looking forward to checking this book out. Congrats, it must feel amazing to hold the fruits of your labors.

I actually got a little teary eyed seeing you holding that book, considering how Aaron had to jump through flaming hoops to find that book a good home, and holy hell, I saw the proof pages when I was in Chicago and they are fucking GORGEOUS. I didn't read the story yet though, I'm saving myself for it in book form (unless you want to bring your copy to stumptown with you *hint hint*).

AWESOME. i'm pumped

grizzo Mar09

that gold on the cover is deluxe, as is the entire book! you BOTH outdid yourselves. aaron gave us a peek and i can't wait to get a copy.

At long last!

I know you and Aaron have been working on that book since forever so it's great to hear that you have finally been able to hold a printed copy in your own hands.

darrylayo Mar10

just one word: wow. I can't wait to read that! Spiralbound was so amazing.

Yay! I just ordered a copy for my library.

Ellie Mar11

AWESOME! i can't wait!

Chance Mar26

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