Phase 7 #015!!!

Sat 3/13/2010

BLAM!!! The next issue of Phase 7 is now available! Don't get TOO excited, it's not the next chapter of Basewood (I'm still working on that, which should be out this fall). No, this issue is made up of Sketchbook material from 1995-2004, which provides glimpses of my life in high school, college, Seattle, Los Angeles, Sydney and Portland.

If you want a sneak peak, you can read my two page introduction to the issue, plus the first two sketchbooks worth of material over in the comics section. A lot of the drawings are pretty rough, but I still think people will be able to enjoy these stories and drawings. I'm excited to get it all into print. There's at least a few good laughs in there...

ANYWAY, Subscriber issues will be mailed out this weekend, and then after that I'll be filling any other orders that come in. So keep an eye on those mailboxes!

Also in April, I'm going to be at the MoCCA Arts Festival in New York City on the 10th and 11th (which is only a MONTH away!) and on the 24th and 25th I'll be in Portland, Oregon at the Stumptown Comics Fest. So if you live in either of those towns, please swing by and say hi! I'll (obviously) have the comic available at those shows too.

So there you go. A new issue of Phase 7! HUZZAH!

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Yeah! Looking forward to it!

subscriber in carolina Mar14

Can't wait to get mine!

Bear Mar15

Ha ha ha, I just found the first major typo, ON PAGE ONE, the day after I sent it out to everyone. Oh well, that's publishing I guess!

Alec Mar16

Hey Alec,

Received my Phase 7 #15 today. Thanks so much. It's always a treat to get those subscriber copies in the mail. I hope you'll let me know when my subscription is about to run out.

With regard to P7-15, honestly...I'm not big on sketchbooks IN GENERAL. (I have to admit, I like narrative with my art.) However, yours was such a joy to read, as there were a lot of sketchbook COMICS! I really admire the discipline of drawing comics EVERYDAY. :)

Although, I even enjoyed your selection of matrices. The hand matrix and Time magazine photographer matrix both come to mind.

Anyhow, kudos on another job well done and, as always, I'm looking forward to the next installment.

Best w/ Basewood,

Ryan Claytor

Got my own this morning: great news! Always astonished by how fast those things can go, thinking that it's been sent from the USofA to Old Europe...

Got it. Loved it.

Got my copy this week and checked it out front to back several times. One thing is driving me crazy: I cannot find the typo! (Although, since it's all hand-lettered, I think it's technically a manuscript error, not a typographical one--if it, in fact, does exist.)
Anyways, it was cool to see the progression of 10 years of journaling, the little bits of creative process, i.e.: "I think Alec should use a c5 nib." That one cracked me up. I want more!

ak47 Mar21

I'll give you a hint Andrew... it's in panel 7 of page 1. Nothing is misspelled, but there is something very very wrong in there!

Alec Mar25

as always thanks for making us smile!

Chance Mar26

heheheh, found the "mistake" thought it was me at 1st. :) love it!

Chance Mar26

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