The only thing better than March is gonna be MAY.

Wed 3/2/2005

So next Thursday I'm going to get to see the new FULL-LENGTH TRAILER FOR STAR WARS: EPISODE III - THE REVENGE OF THE SITH first on TV, then on the internet, then on my computer about 1,000 times, then in the Theatre (it's playing before that Robots movie). And then another few thousands of times on my computer.

THEN, on Monday March 21st I'm going to hear the first new single "Beverly Hills" off the upcoming 5th Weezer Album. How excited am I about this? VERY excited.

And really, the only thing more exciting than those two events are the ACTUAL media for which they are previews. BOTH of which, by some happy fluke will be coming out in MAY. (This happened once before, in May 2002 when "Maladroit" and "Attack of the Clones" were both released--easily one of the happiest months of my life).

Snow: please melt.
Spring: please hurry up.

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