Casey Bohn: Phase 7 Intern!

Sat 4/3/2010

ANOTHER reason I was able to get so much done during this past March, was that I had some HELP!

As part of their graduation requirements, each CCS student must have 60 hours of internship credit. At the end of February, CCS senior Casey Bohn asked me if I needed an intern. At first I thought, "An intern? Nah..." but THEN I thought about all of the projects that were looming on the horizon, and quickly reconsidered!

Casey scanned in most of the sketchbook drawings in Phase 7 #015 then helped me send the issue out to everyone as well. He did the initial image resizing and layout work for the six 24-Hour Comics in 24x7, inked the panel borders for my Elfworld 2 submission and is currently filling in blacks on some Basewood Chapter 3 pages.

Much of this work is extremely tedious and takes a lot of focus and diligence, and Casey has been doing a great job with all of it. I appreciate all of the help he has given me and hopefully he's learning a bit more about what goes on here at Phase 7 Headquarters.

Anyway, I just wanted to give credit where credit was due and to publicly thank Casey for the great job he has been doing. You can check out Casey's work on his blog and over in his Flickr account.

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