Avatar the Last Airbender

Wed 5/26/2010

The night before Max headed back for Belgium, we watched the last episode of the third and final season of Avatar the Last Airbender. It was SO GOOD. I've been running around for days, pretending I can airbend, and wishing I had a Sky Bison to travel with.

I know I'm pretty late to this party. The show ran from 2005 - 2008, and even though I had heard nothing but good things about it, I didn't get around to watching it until the last few weeks. James Sturm watched it with his daughters last year and they all loved it, and I knew from working with Dave Roman that he was a huge fan of the series, and now I can see why! It's got a wide range of characters from different nations, a classic story and a really believable, fascinating world with tons of awesome creatures. Plus, the whole series is ONE GIANT story, so it's basically like a 30-hour animated movie.

On July 2nd, a live-action movie version of this series is being released, and there is a lot of controversy surrounding it. I signed an initial petition asking the production to recast the movie, based solely on information presented by Derek Kirk Kim. But now that I've actually SEEN the animated series, I'm flabbergasted by how completely the movie-makers have missed the point of the series and are misrepresenting the characters. So even though I'm sure it would be really fun to see this movie, I'm going to join the boycott of the film, and I hope you will too.

All three seasons of Avatar the Last Airbender are currently available on Netflix instant watch. Get some friends together and watch a few episodes! Or ALL of them! I GUARANTEE you'll have more fun watching any two hours of the animated series than you will watching some stupid, racially insensitive, hollywood remake.

ANYWAY, I'm taking off today on a complicated three-part journey. I will try to blog about each leg of the journey after it is complete, but I should let people know that leg two will be Heroes Con in Charlotte, North Carolina! I will be there all three days (June 4th, 5th and 6th) in the Indie Island section so if you are in the area, please swing by and say hello! It's always a fun show. If only Appa could get me there and back... Yip yip!

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I signed Derek's petition/boycott, too, though my main reason for not wanting to see the movie is that I've seen the previews. Hey-oh!

Avatar is pretty darn great. I use an episode in my scripting class to talk about how to deal with serialized narrative well, and I just love to watch it!

I think Derik is right on. Miscasting like this is insane. I think "The Prince of Persia" is another example of this gross Hollywood bigotry. Not one arab in this movie! This film should be banned.

Art Person Jun01

what have you got against blue people ?
... oh, wait !

hee, reminds me the cold war, with mac gyver's ennemies all being communists, or "300" with the bad guy being a Persian, aka Iranian... each period has its "fitting" ennemies...
though i don't know this avatar, so i can't say if there's any "political" understatement in this case...

hollywood is just doing his job: putting seeds into minds avalaible for a couple hours...

pierre Jun01

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