Heroes Con 2010!

Tue 6/8/2010

Well, I'm back in Boston (at Liz's place again) after an awesome extend-o weekend in Charlotte, North Carolina where I was a guest at the 2010 Heroes Con.

Heroes Con has got to be one of the best run comics conventions in the country. The staff are extremely helpful and they made the weekend an easy, fun experience from the moment I arrived at the airport until I left four days later. My biggest thank you goes to Dustin Harbin for inviting me to the show. "Dusty" (as I like to call him) is the definition of a stand up guy, and is also one of the funniest people I have ever met. It's always fun trading quips with him throughout the convention, as he occasionally dashes past the table, to deal with 1,000 different things at once. He's also a fine cartoonist in his own right and you should all go check out his work.

Besides Dustin, I got some good chill time with Joe, Gabby, Liz Baillie, MK, Roger Langridge, Mr. Phil, and of course, my main man Greg. I also saw a lot of other great cartoonists (including DON ROSA again!) and I sold some comics and reconnected with a few Phase 7 subscribers. Thanks to everyone who swung by my table! All in all it was a great weekend.

So that's TWO adventures down... but one still remains! And it might just be the biggest adventure of them all. It happens today at 1pm, and then I'm finally heading back to Vermont tonight. I'll post again tomorrow to unveil the final mystery... I'll also put up some photos from these other adventures. Until then!

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