So long, South Africa!

Sun 6/27/2010

It was a pretty big bummer today when the U.S. Soccer team lost to Ghana in the World Cup. A small group of us here at CCS have been watching all the games either at the school, or over in the Hotel Coolidge common room.

Soccer is the only sport I enjoy playing, thanks mostly to the amazing soccer coach I had while growing up, Mr. Innes. While the dads coaching my little league baseball and basketball teams tried to get us to WIN, Mr. Innes tried to get us to have FUN. And he succeeded. He never took anything too seriously, and simply refused to ever wear shoes at any of our practices or games, even if it was snowing outside. And he yelled at the top of his lungs from the moment the game began until the final whistle blew (a habit I picked up, and which I still do while I play soccer). And what do you know - if you just try to have fun, you can actually win a few games. During my tenth and final year playing recreational league soccer with Mr. Innes, our team won the state championship.

I still play soccer every week here in Vermont. CARTOONIST soccer. We're all out of shape, we use cones to mark out a BABY field, we always wipe out the score at the end of the game and play "next point wins," we often don't follow all the rules about throw-ins, or off-sides or high kicks, but MAN do we have fun!

I think that's why it was so incredible to watch the World Cup games. Our CCS soccer field could probably fit inside the penalty box of a World Cup field. They are running ten times further than we are, and ten times faster, but for about the same amount of time. Even just having a rudimentary understanding of soccer makes it that much more enjoyable to watch the pros kick, juggle, pass, throw, head and score.

Anyway, it was great how many people seemed to be getting into soccer this time around. The U.S. Team did a great job, and hopefully they'll do even better in 2014!

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I was so sad last night at the end of the game ! I'm looking forward to play with the ccs guys (and girls ?)

David L Jun27

We'll play soon David! And yes, it's always co-ed.

Alec Jun27

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