East Coast Summer #6

Tue 7/6/2010

Instead of shingles, most Vermont rooftops are covered with long, narrow, interlocking sheets of metal. This is for winter, when massive amounts of snow piles up on roofs. Instead of it getting higher and higher and eventually needing to be cleared (or caving in the roof!) it slides right off because the metal is too smooth for the snow to stick to.

In the SUMMER, however, these metal sheets absorb massive amounts of heat, basically turning my apartment into an OVEN. I live right below the roof, on the top floor of my building. And the ground floor of my building is a popular pizzeria, which has a LITERAL oven running from about 11am - 9pm. I am sandwiched between two layers of HEAT.

Today it was a record-breaking 100 degrees in White River Junction, with 50% humidity. Yesterday was the same, and the forecast promises more of the same for the rest of this week.

Even with my air conditioner on full blast and fans distributing the cool air around my apartment, even with all of my windows covered, I still SWEAT while sitting at my drawing table. It is impossible to overstate just how miserable this makes me. I'm far less productive, I'm irritable all day, it really makes me feel depressed. It's like seasonal affect disorder, but for the wrong season!

I've posted about this many times before, and I'm sorry to keep whining about it. But this is the main thing that I really dislike about the east coast. I'm a west coast wimp, no doubt about it. I actually dug through my blog archives, to try and find my "Waah, it's HOT!" dispatch from last summer and all I could find was the surprisingly upbeat post, A Splendid Summer. From rereading that post, it sounds like I need to do some more swimming this summer!

Despite the heat, I had a lovely 4th of July weekend trip up to the Dartmouth Class of '66 lodge with some of my CCS friends. Colleen's got a ton of great pictures from the trip in a Flickr set.

We're gearing up this week for the CCS Summer Workshops, which start on Monday. But first I have to head down to my grandfather's funeral, in VIRGINIA, where I'm sure it will be even hotter and muggier! :(

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