Create Comics 2010!

Sat 7/17/2010

My grandfather's funeral went off without a hitch, thanks mostly to a lot of very hard work my mother did, and very specific written instructions he put down before he died. Pop requested that I play "When the Saints Go Marching In" at the end of the funeral, on my TRUMPET, which I basically haven't touched in 8 years. I found out about this two weeks before the funeral, and played as much as I could every day leading up to the event, so I would be able to play. Everything turned out all right and hopefully Pop would have been pleased with how it all went.

I had a 6am flight out of Virginia on Sunday morning, then Jon Chad and Colleen met me at the airport in Burlington to give me a ride back to White River Junction. I had that afternoon/night to finish getting ready for the first of the CCS Summer Workshops, which started the next day!

Create Comics is always a lot of fun, especially the final "Connect the Plot" exercise, which Aaron and I developed back in 2006, and which is still in use today! This summer's book was pretty deluxe, with a screen-printed, "die" cut cover and 24-pages of awesome student comics. You can see photos of the book and tons of other photos from the week in this CCS Flickr Set. Thanks to the all the great students for an awesome workshop!

The next workshop starts August 2nd, so between now and then I'm just trying to get as much work done on Basewood as is humanly possible! I've been working in the CCS Basement lately, which has got to be the coolest place in White River Junction (BOTH meanings of that word apply in that sentence!) Being able to draw without SWEATING is upping my productivity quite a bit!

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