August Blog Dump!

Mon 8/9/2010

YEESH, another week has flown by, and the next one promises to do the same, so I better do some blogging quickly, before it's all been forgotten! Let's use NUMBERS, shall we?

1) We just wrapped up another week of Summer Workshops here at CCS. Holy cow this was a jam-packed week of cartooning. We had an insanely talented group of students, who turned out some amazing work in just a few short days. It was totally exhausting, but also totally inspiring and completely worth it. There's three more days of workshops this week for the "extended studio" students and then the summer workshops will be done.

2) Today we had a barbecue at the park with all of the extended studio students. It was a beautiful day and we played frisbee and went swimming and a good time was had by all. One year ago, on this very Sunday, we tried to do the same thing, but it was pouring rain. Plans were quickly changed, and instead of the park, we ended up in the brand new pool hall across the street from the school. It was on that fateful day that I first played the Star Wars: Episode I pinball machine and my life look a wacky left turn. One year of pinball - and what a year! I observed this day by having my best game of Medieval Madness yet!

3) Yesterday I was talking to my mom and she asked me what had ever happened with our local grocery store that closed. I realized I had never checked back in about that whole situation! Well, another Co-Op opened there, and it is pretty great. It carries basically all the same stuff (Saltines!), and some stuff that's a lot better (more veggie burgers!) plus they hired back all the same people who worked in the old grocery store, so no one really lost their job or anything. Plus, it turns out I was TOTALLY wrong in my evaluation of the initial closing. From reading the Co-Op's FAQ page I learned that the previous grocery store actually closed because it was a CHAIN, and even though our branch was turning a profit, they had to close down because of larger problems in the corporation. So now the grocery store is locally owned and operated, by members of the community. Really, it's a bit like losing a dime and finding a dollar!

4) The MINUTE the workshops are over, I'm jumping on a bus, which will take me to a plane, which will take me to Oakland, so I can be with Claire for her birthday. Then a few days later we are going to meet up with the rest of my family in HAWAII (??!) for the wedding of one of our closest family friends, Rebecca Engelberg. While I'm busy trying NOT to be eaten by sharks, cartoonist pal Sarah Glidden will be crashing at my place in Vermont for a few days and using my new studio space to draw some of her amazing comics.

5) The day after I get back to Vermont, I'm going to go see WEEZER, who are playing a show in VERMONT (???!) As I'm sure you can imagine, this NEVER happens! It's been a big week in the Weezer world. After seven albums and 17 years at DGC, they just signed with indie punk label Epitaph Records and their new album "Hurley" will be out on September 14th! I read a bit about it in an interview with Rivers on and it sounds like this album is going to be pretty awesome - 60s style! (You can hear the first single HERE!) This will be their third album in three years, which, if you ask me, is a pretty sweet payback for the five year stretch of silence between Pinkerton and the Green Album or the three years between Make Believe and the Red Album. The band seems happier and more energetic than ever, which is really great. I can't wait to see them live again!

6) THEN, of course, SCHOOL starts! I will once again be teaching Professional Practices for the seniors, and this year I am also co-teaching Publication Workshop for the first-years with Jon Chad (who recently redid his website by the by!)

But I'm getting ahead of myself! I'll try to check back in when I can, with reports of the above. In the mean time, I hope summer wraps up well for everyone out there! Enjoy it while it lasts. Fall is on its way!

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