It's WEEZER Day!!!

Tue 11/2/2010

Oh my god you guys, it's WEEZER day! (It's also election day. Did you vote? I voted!)

Today Death to False Metal and Pinkerton Deluxe both dropped. I pre-ordered both albums a few weeks ago, so they arrived this morning and I have been listening to them ever since.

Pinkerton Deluxe has the original album, every b-side (which used to be scattered across countless soundtracks, compilations and import EPs) a bunch of live versions of the album cuts and then a bunch of unfinished songs, some of which I had heard before, and some which NO ONE has ever heard.

While listening to one such brand new track, "Tragic Girl" this afternoon for the first time, all the hair on the back of my neck raised up and the sound of it was so overwhelming and incredible that it felt like my mind was melting. In short, it felt exactly how it felt listening to Pinkerton on the day it was released back in 1996. I'm not kidding here guys, the whole two-disc set is worth it for "Tragic Girl" alone, plus there is a bunch of other awesome stuff on there too.

Death to False Metal is wall to wall FUN, which was unearthed from the weezer vaults and polished up for the light of day. I am going to be drawing to this album A LOT during the home stretch of Basewood chapter 4 (which only has 11 more pages to be penciled!)

But that's not all! Rivers did a great interview with the Oakland Press in which he lays out some of the other cool weezer stuff that's in the pipeline: The Pinkerton Diaries (A BOOK) which should be out later this month, and their 10th studio album, which should be out in 2011.

Anyway, I know most of you probably aren't as excited about this stuff as me. But as a weezer super fan, I'm in total heaven over here!

P.S. Here is another great interview, laying out the plans for ALONE volumes 3, 4, 5 AND 6!?!

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you have me interested. *shuffles off to find weezer tunes*

Gotta say, I was pretty bummed out by the Pinkerton reissue. Of course, none of my gripe is with the album itself. It's all concerned with the bonus tracks, which are totally slapdash and poorly sequenced. Did you notice there are 5 different versions of Pink Triangle on this? Seriously, WTF?! That's almost 14% of the reissue.

I thought the Deluxe Blue Album reissue from a few years back went in a much better direction. I loved getting the Kitchen Tapes on there along with all the album b-sides. The Kitchen Tapes, especially, give you a sense of where the Blue Album came from and how it developed. This was unquestionably THE forum for a more complete look at Songs from the Black Hole. I know those tracks have been leaking out over time and now we have a pretty good idea of what it looks like, but I feel pretty strongly that this would be the place for it to really shine.

I'm definitely happy with the b-sides being collected (although I still hate hearing live b-sides mixed in with studio tracks) and the unreleased studio stuff is pretty cool too. I guess I'm really just not on board with the weird mix of radio sessions (some of which are simply pulled from broadcast rather than the original tapes!), piano noodlings, and completely bizarre sequencing decisions that bog down disc 2.

That's my mini review for ya.

Paul Nov03

I hear you Paul. I feel like they couldn't put all of the SFTBH songs on here because they have been a staple of the ALONE discs. But I totally agree, it would have been great to just have the entire sequence of tracks on there. And yeah, I'm not crazy about the live tracks. I almost would have preferred having all that stuff on one disc, (which I would probably only listen to once and then never again). For me, the meat and potatoes are the unreleased b-sides like "Getting up and Leaving" and "Tragic Girl" I also really dug the full-band version of "Long Time Sunshine" - the idea of the last track having layered lyrics from the entire album is pretty epic.

Alec Nov03

Hah, I just took the songs from the re-issue and "fixed" the sequence in Itunes. As it stands it's really irritating to listen to because the same songs come on over and over.

That said, I really enjoyed all of the new stuff that I hadn't heard as well as the acoustic versions

Jason Nov05

I just did the same thing today Jason! Now it's a lot more fun to listen to.

Alec Nov05

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