Thu 3/10/2005

Okay. Holy shit. I just watched the FULL LENGTH THEATRICAL TRAILER for Star Wars: Episode III - "Revenge of the Sith" for the first time. IT WAS SO OVER-THE-TOP INSANE that I swear to god I almost exploded after I watched it. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING GOOD IS GOING TO HAPPEN IN THIS MOVIE. I just read an interview with George Lucas and he said that this is going to be the only PG-13 Star Wars movie because EVERYONE IS GOING TO DIE. THE WHOLE THING IS GOING TO GO TO HELL. And we get to watch it all happen! Oh man...

So now I have to stay up for the rest of the night until I have the file on my computer and can watch it again. And then tomorrow I'm going to see "Robots" RIGHT after work with Tom and Asher so we can see it on the big screen. Then, I just have to wait another SIXTY-EIGHT DAYS (which sounds an AWFUL LOT like TWO MONTHS!!?!!!???!!!!!) and I will get to actually watch this movie.

And then Star Wars will be over.

Whoa... that's going to be seriously intense. I'm fairly certain that I'm not ready for it. In fact I KNOW that I'm not ready for it. There's no way to prepare for something like this. Oh man...

Okay--a few other RANDOM things I probably don't NEED to address, but I'm going to anyways:

1) I talked to Stephanie and got some emails from Nate and Chris (stationed in IRAQ!) about TURTLES. I guess baby turtles transmit salmonila. Kelly told me this, and then Steph confirmed it (she used to have THREE turtles). So I guess you can't even buy baby ones. You have to get them in Chinatown on the "black market." Also they GROW and get BIG and also poop a TON and smell really bad. All of these things are making me rethink my plans... I've also recently been scolded by many people for badmouthing fish. I guess I haven't given them a fair shake, so I'm going to go with Steph when she buys her new fish and check them out. But I still feel like I should get SOME sort of pet... You know--start talking to THE PET instead of MYSELF, which might postpone my insanity by another few months...

2) Hey, do people not know that I am the world's WORST speller? In the last 3 days I have received no less than *FIVE* emails pointing out spelling mistakes on various posts. Was I spelling everything correctly for the last few months or something? Am I back to normal now? What's going on?! (keep those corrections coming!)

3) I'm getting better and better at writing with my left hand. I don't know why I didn't do this sooner. My right hand/wrist is already feeling better now that BOTH hands are sharing some of the work load. Go ambidextrous! It's worth it!

4) THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS of people are reading my first "officially" published Comic in the Portland Mercury this weekend. It's TOTALLY WEIRD to think of one of my drawings being MASS produced (in COLOR no less!) and then a bunch of people reading it... So if you are in PDX pick up a Mercury this weekend! WOOO!

5) The new weezer album is officially titled "MAKE BELIEVE" and the first video for the song "Beverly Hills" is done and I am totally friends with someone who is friends with the person who ****MIGHT**** have done the cover art for the 5th album. So, that means I'm COOL (in case you didn't know)

6) I want to cut all my hair off, but I am resisting, because it is SO GODDAMNED COLD and it keeps snowing, even though I am fighting for Spring with all of my might (by eating and drawing in the park at lunch even though it's FREEZING COLD). I trimmed my beard last night, which calmed me down, but my hair is long and I'm not sure I'm into it anymore...

7) I'm officially RAMBLING!!!

Okay, it's off to try and draw a bit...it's hard though... to know that the trailer is coming... a few more hours and I can see it again... It's gonna be one of those nights...

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Okay. So they released the OFFICIAL COVER ART for "Make Believe" last night (AKA the 5th Weezer ..
Shouldn't I TOTALLY get a pet TURTLE???