Basewood Chapter 4: HOME STRETCH

Mon 12/6/2010

Oh man, I can't believe it's been two weeks since I've written a blog entry...

Actually, I CAN believe it, because I have been chained to my drawing table during pretty much every waking moment since my last blog post. I'm currently 90.63% done with the 4th chapter of Basewood, and I should be done with it within the NEXT two weeks.

My goal is to have all of the subscriber copies of Phase 7 #008 sent out before Christmas. I'm going home to Seattle for a week around then, and when I get back I'll make it available to everyone else. In the meantime, if you are a Phase 7 subscriber and you have moved, please let me know your current address!

Okay, it's back to the drawing board... literally!

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Oh man! Really looking forward to the next Basewood issue, Alec--great news!

Blake Dec06

Looking forward to checking it out... YOU CAN DO IT!

Wooo! Congrats, sir! This is a huge accomplishment, and we are all rooting for you as we anxiously await the next batch of story. Good luck in the home stretch, and don't forget to take stand-up breaks every now and then.

Thanks guys. Your encouragement is keeping me going!

Alec Dec08

hey alec, i've been following your blog (or your beard? i can't remember what was what i was following in the first place..) and i really dig your stuff man, from the comics to the pinball zine (great idea!), keep the good work!
greetings from argentina! (also, is there a way i can get the Basewood issues down here?)

W Dec14

Hi W, you can order all of the basewood chapters from the comics section, just select the international shipping buttons, and I'd be happy to mail the comics down to Argentina. Thanks for the kind words about my work!

Alec Dec14

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