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Sun 1/9/2011

As some of you might have seen in the comments from my last post, self-publisher A.P. Fuchs asked if I had ever considered making eBook versions of my Phase 7 collections. I HAD thought about doing this for a while now, because it's pretty easy to do with Lulu.com, but I just haven't been able to find the time.

But, it's Winter Break! So I finally took an evening and set it all up. I now have eBook versions of the following books available in my Lulu.com storefront:

I'm charging HALF the cover price of the print editions for these eBooks, except for the alphabet book, which is only $5 instead of the $20 print edition, which is so expensive because it's in full color. The eBooks download as PDFs which means you should be able to read them on a Kindle or a Sony eReader or an iPad or whatever. Also there's no DRM stuff on there, so you can use it on as many devices as you like, or share the file with your friends. That seems like the only logical way to do it, since most of this content is still available (and shall remain) FREE on the comics page of this site.

I downloaded the Transition eBook and we put it on Claire's iPad, which her old work gave her. It looks pretty cool! The pages are almost the exact same size as the print edition and with the iPad it is super easy to zoom way in and get a lot of high-resolution detail. HD! :P

Anyway, if this sort of digital tomfoolery is up your alley, they're now available! You can use the links above, or I have also added eBook links to all the books over on the comics page.

In other news, Claire and I are leaving tomorrow to go to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Florida, which was our christmas present to each other this year. We are both kind of freaking out. It should be pretty magical. I'll write a post when I get back to let you all know how it went!

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"Sweet", as they say :-)

BTW, Amazon.de has your two Lulu books, too:




And the Amazon.ca link for "Transition" doesn't work, I think.

FrF Jan10

Very cool... Phase 7 on the iPad, love it.

I have been playing the Lego Harry Potter since Christmas and with re-reading the series again and the latest movie I have been immersed. I need to be on a HP trivia show or something... it's a bit ridiculous.

Looking forward to hearing about the theme park. Have a great time.

Enjoy your trip, man. Thanks for the mention on the blog.

I took my kids to the WWHP the second week in December. It is AWESOME! Make sure to stand in line at Olivander's definitely worth every minute!

Joel Gill Jan15

Thanks for the heads up FrF! I'll update those links.

Alec Jan16

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