Stumptown Comics Art Award Nomination!

Tue 3/15/2011

Yikes, sorry for the two-week lapse in blogging. As the spring semester at CCS heads into the home stretch, things have been getting pretty busy around here. Plus there are a few upcoming comics shows looming on the horizon. I'm going to TWO this Spring!

First, will be the MoCCA Arts Fest, which is in New York City on April 9th and 10th. As ever, I'll be tabling with my old pal Greg of Tugboat Press.

Second, will be the Stumptown Comics Fest in Portland, Oregon on April 16th and 17th. I'll be tabling with Greg again, and for the first time with CLAIRE! who will be selling some zines she's making with custom-made patterns for making stuffed animals. She'll also have a few of the toys on hand, if people want to just buy them instead of making 'em themselves.

Also I found out today (from my friend Ryan) that Aaron and I were both nominated for Stumptown Comics Awards for our work on Walker Bean! Aaron for Best Writer and Best Letterer, and me for Best Colorist (obviously). Also the Elfworld book I was in is nominated for Best Anthology!

It looks like the voting ballot is open to the internet, so if anyone would like to cast their vote, we would appreciate your support! There are some great cartoonists on the list and there are handy links on this page, so you can check out everyone's work.

At these shows I'll mostly be pushing the new issue of Phase 7 (Basewood Chapter 4) and Drop Target #2, which Jon and I have been secretly working on for a few weeks now. There's one other SUPER EXCITING book that will be at my table, but I can't tell you about it QUITE yet... soon though! :)

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i'm excitied all ready! i'm also thrilled to see how fast chapter 5 is coming. it's weird to think i will someday live in a post basewood world.

zack! empire Mar20

Thanks Zack! I'll do my best to keep up the pace. I can't WAIT to live in a post-basewood world! ;)

Alec Mar20

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