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Tue 4/12/2011

Oh man, I had a great time at the MoCCA Arts Fest this weekend. It was a great trip for so many reasons. Here, I'll LIST some of those reasons, right here:

  1. It felt good to get out of White River Junction.
  2. Claire and I wandered all over New York on Friday. We saw great works of art, ate yummy food, walked a lot and saw a funny movie.
  3. FRIENDS! I saw so many friends at MoCCA that I only get to see a few times a year. My friends are so cool.
  4. COMICS!!! I did a ton of trading and ended up with a big bag chock-full of awesome comics.
  5. I also sold or traded or gave away a bunch of my comics, which is a really great feeling.
  6. At night, I played a bunch of pinball!

As if all of that wasn't enough, Greg also brought hot-off-the-press copies of DRAGONS! which is the top secret project I have been hinting at for a some time now. Having that book at the show was probably the BEST part of the whole weekend.

DRAGONS! is comics and activity book for KIDS, that Greg and I put together for Free Comic Book Day, which is May 7th this year. It's got a brand new 16-page Isle of Elsi story and all this other cool stuff too:

Also, it's FREE. Doesn't that sound EPIC??? Well, I think it is. It was so fun handing it out to kids this weekend and watching their faces light up. Comics for kids! This is how it should be.

Greg and I will have copies of DRAGONS! at the Stumptown Comics Fest in Portland, Oregon next weekend (April 16th and 17th), and I will take a big stack of them back with me to Vermont. All Phase 7 subscribers will get a copy this summer when I send out P7 #016. Greg will probably have some at other shows this year, but you should also check your local comics shop on Free Comic Book Day to see if they'll have it!

Okay, I better wrap this up. Lynda Barry is coming to CCS tomorrow, and I get to do one day of her writing workshop before I have to hit the road again for Stumptown. I hope I'll get to see some of you in PDX!

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Oh man, This looks AWESOME! I'm going to have to track down a copy!

Dragons looks like great fun!

Glad MOCCA continues to rock. I miss being able to go. Someday I will revisit!

Joey A Sayers?! AWESOME! She's ace! x

Great book Alec. I showed it to Joss tonight while he played with his new Harry Potter wand. He loves it. I was happy to run into you guys at the Crumb exhibit. Hopefully again sometime soon.

Cam Apr13

Wow! Free Comic Book Day?! This is great! Being a fresh reader in the comic world this is wonderful news for me, I hope I can find yours on Saturday!

Ben Apr13

Alec, I didn't know Spinoza appeared in this! Aaron invented that character, right? Though I just figured out he based on a real person, Baruch Spinoza. Congrats on the great book!

Robyn Apr13


Maris Apr13

Yeah Robyn, I credited Aaron in the liner notes in the beginning of DRAGONS!. He said I could use his characters. Spinoza came up at an AWP actually, (or some similar Greek character who created lenses) when Aaron as trying to think what to do for Hey 4-Eyes #2.

Alec Apr15

How much to get these for FCBD? :) I'd like to have them here at Hub!

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