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Thu 4/21/2011

Okay, PHEW! Claire and I are finally back from Portland, where we had an awesome time at the Stumptown Comics Festival, tabling with Greg and Nicole Georges.

This was Claire's first time tabling with her Fluff Engine Patterns, which did really well. She also sold a few of the handmade plush animals that she brought, which was great.

The highlight of the show for me was once again the DRAGONS! book. It was so amazing handing it to kids and then watching a big old grin appear on their faces as they started reading the comics. Some parents even came by on the second day to say how much their kid had enjoyed the book the night before. Kids reading comics - HUZZAH! I can't wait to get copies out to everyone this summer so you all can see how much fun it is.

During the show, I did an interview with Drew Anderson, which he has posted on YouTube. It's worth watching just to see his crazy camera mount in action. We talk about comics and pinball and all kinds of other stuff, and you can see how crazy the show was.

Of course, I also played tons of pinball in Portland and even found some time on our various plane and train rides to write some poetry.

It was a fun trip, but it feels really REALLY good to be home. It was kind of intense doing two back-to-back shows. I feel like I haven't had a moment to catch my breath in about three weeks. And unfortunately, things are SUPER busy around here, so it'll most likely be another few weeks before I finally CAN catch my breath! All the CCS final projects are due very soon, and so I will be reading hundreds and hundreds of pages of student comics and then giving feedback in class and on the final thesis review committee. I also need to get back to work on the final chapter of Basewood!

Well, I better get to it. Thanks so much to all the people who swung by our table or hung out with us in Portland, and especially to Greg - the most gracious host a traveler could ever have!

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the crazy part of that video was actully seeing your beard move around. you just don't get the scope of it in a picture. if that makes any sense whats so ever.

zack! empire Apr25

Hi, This has nothing to do with your post, but dvzine.org has no emails listed as far as I could tell.

The link on DVZine FAQ page to get the utility "layout.zip" is broken.

It currently points to: http://www.webone.com.au/~jkmclean/layout.zip

It should be: http://www.iinet.net.au/~jkmclean/layout.zip

Just thought you'd want to know, and thanks for the Zine!


Adam Apr25

Thanks for the updated information Adam! I appreciate it.

Alec Apr25

Also unrelated to this post: Just wanted to congratulate you on having your artwork be part of an article about CCS in the newest issue of the iPad magazine, Project. So, Mazel Tov!

Barry Apr25

Project iPad Magazine? Thanks for the heads up Barry.

Alec Apr25

this also has nothing to do with this post but are the comments colored green and blue cause those are the colors of a good guys lightsaber?

zack! empire Apr26

The colors were chosen because the "BLOG" heading at the top of the site is blue, hence blog comments have blue boxes. And the "ALEC LONGSTRETH" thing at the top is green, and, well... I'm Alec Longstreth. So my comments are green. You'll also notice that the "COMICS" and "MISCELLANEOUS" section are color coded... but I like your explanation better, Zack!

Alec Apr26

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