Wed 3/16/2005

So yesterday I thought, "Wait...when does the sixth Harry Potter book come out?" Well, I just checked online and it comes out THIS SUMMER !!!!?! July 17th to be exact! HOW INCREDIBLE IS THIS SUMMER GOING TO BE???

I am TOTALLY going to wait up at midnight with all the kids to get my copy of "The Half-Blood Prince" at some bookstore in New York. It's going to kick ass! Two summers ago when I was reading "The Order of the Pheonix" it totally consumed my life for like two weeks. I could NOT stop reading it! I'm so excited to have something like that again...I book that I CAN'T put down! And OH MAN, some serious stuff was going down with Harry at the end of book five... I better head into Central Park this weekend and find a good WAND!

Okay, so let's review:


MARCH: first weezer single "beverly hills" is released, Alec starts rocking out.

APRIL: Alec's sister Galen and his grandfather "Pop" come up to New York for visits, Alec attends an OPEN HOUSE for ART SCHOOL, pre-orders his tickets for THE LAST EPISODE OF STAR WARS EVER and PERHAPS Alec sees Weezer LIVE in New York (???!)

MAY: Alec stops working and begins drawing full time, Gabe Carleton-Barnes arrives in New York city and he and Alec take a few short trips to Philadelphia and perhaps Vermont, then the new weezer album, "MAKE BELIEVE" is released and Alec continues to rock out for the rest of the summer, on May 18th Alec, Gabe (and others) wait in line ALL DAY at a theatre in New York and then at midnight Alec sees "Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith" for the first time, he then leaves the theatre screaming and in tears, goes home, TRIES (unsuccessfully) to sleep then wakes up early the next morning and sees it again.

JUNE: Nate Beaty and Aaron Renier arrive in New York city to help Alec man his table at the MoCCA art festival (and/or REALLY AMAZING INDEPENDANT COMICS CONVENTION!!!), they stay for a while and draw with Alec!

JULY: HARRY POTTER 6 comes out and for days and days Alec can do nothing but read and carry a wand around with him! (he still is going to Star Wars at least once a week, by the way) Carolyn moves to New York (?) Maybe Alec successfully tricks LINDSAY into coming to visit him (???)

AUGUST: Alec's parents GENEROUSLY agree to fly him home to beautiful Seattle for a week, where he enjoys the UTTER LACK of humidity and smell of urine, while also basking in the glory of real mountains and pine trees. Frunch and Gwyn celebrate their FIRST WEDDING ANNIVERSARY and then on the last day of this month Alec begins ART SCHOOL in NEW YORK CITY (??!)

Assuming I don't get hit by a cab or something, the next few months of my life are going to be SO TOTALLY AWESOME! WOOOOO!

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