Twitter(!?!) and some site updates

Fri 4/29/2011

Well, as some of you have already seen, I've joined Twitter. It's @AlecLongstreth if you're into that kind of thing, but if you ARE into that kind of thing, I would implore you to not get too excited about this.

You know that RSS feed I'm always going on about, that updates the homepage of this site? Well, it's run by a service called FriendFeed, which allows you to dump all of your scattered RSS feeds into it, and it then spits out one RSS feed with links to all the various blog posts, photos, etc. And well, with the click of one little button, FriendFeed can repost that very same information into a Twitter account. So that's what I'm doing.

I'm hoping twitter it will make it easier for people to see what I'm posting around the web, and make it easier to share that stuff with other folks. But I'm not sure how much actual tweeting I'll do, beyond the automatically posted stuff. It's taken me quite a bit of effort to get my personal internet use down to about an hour a day (STEP 1: Delete Facebook) and I don't care much to increase that amount of time. Anyway, we'll see how it goes!

Back here in web 1.0 land, if anyone is actually still visiting the site, Nate added a cool SEARCH field on the blog page (and all the archive pages as well). This is great, because I've now been blogging with this version of the site for seven years and with more than 600 entries, it's sometimes hard for me to find a blog post I need to link to or whatever. Or, you know, you could like punch in "Weezer" and get all of my Weezer entries. The search results load up in a Google window, but do not be confused, those are all blog entries from this site. You blog readers are smart, you'll figure it out.

Also, I updated a few other random things around the site:

Okay, phew! I think that's it. The first-years turned in their final projects yesterday, so I have a couple hundred pages of new comics to read this weekend, and then the seniors have to turn their thesis projects in on Monday at 5pm, so it's getting down to the wire! I'm on the thesis committee again this year, so I'll get to read and weigh in on half of the thesis projects. I can't wait!

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