24-hour comic #11!

Mon 5/23/2011

Claire and I are back from a great trip to Montréal! We got to see Max and Thalie and one of next year's CCS fellows, Julie Delporte, was kind enough to put us up in her beautiful apartment.

We lucked out on the weather, and spent our first two days wandering all over the city, admiring the architecture and looking at all the people. It's always crazy going to a big city after spending some time in little old White River Junction. Claire took some photos, which are over in her Flickr if you want to check them out.

Although it was great seeing friends and exploring a new city, the MAIN reason why we came up this particular weekend, was to participate in the 24-Hour Comic event that was organized by Grandpapier.org. There were about 150 artists all over the world who were all drawing at the same time, some in Belgium, some in France, us in Montréal and other places too. For us, it started at about 8am.

This was my first time doing a 24-hour comic in a big group, and also the first one I did that started at a time OTHER than midnight. I must admit, it was pretty nice getting a good night's sleep before starting the project, and it ended up not being too bad, because we finished by about 2am the next morning.

I say "we" because Claire and I collaborated on this one! The 2011 Blog Archive Image that I posted last week was actually like a little warm-up that we did together. Since Claire hasn't drawn a ton of comics, she wasn't quite ready to draw 24 pages of her own in 24 hours, so instead, she let me do the drawing and she then colored all of the pages with watercolors. I'm really happy with how it all turned out!

You can read the whole comic over at Grandpapier.org

I do a 24-Hour Comic every year, and every year it's really hard, but also REALLY rewarding. This one was so much FUN to draw, which was a really nice break from all the drudgery of Basewood. I just got to go crazy with a G-nib and I didn't have to worry about how everything was going to turn out. This one's also all about my childhood, growing up in the Pacific Northwest, so it was really fun to think about that area and to draw some of my favorite places. I'm not sure if the story is anything mind blowing, but the process of making it was extremely enjoyable. And Claire's watercolors made the whole thing sing. Hopefully we can collaborate on more stuff in the future!

Well, thanks to everyone for showing us such a good time in Montréal this weekend and I hope some of you readers will enjoy the comic. Now it's time for me to get back to work!

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Wow, that's awesome! Congrats on another great achievement!

That is one of your best comics ever and the watercolor is nicely done by Claire. Super!

Thanks guys!

Alec Jul03

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