My Parents' New Dog...

Sun 5/29/2011

IS THE CUTEST THING ON EARTH!!! My Mom sent me this photo yesterday of my parents' new dog, which just about melted my face off with its cuteness.

Then today, my parents called me to say that when our family friend David Engelberg saw this photo, he remarked that the dog was so cute, it looked like an Ewok. So they wanted to know the names of some Ewoks. I rattled off "Paploo" "Logray" and "Teebo" but the one that stuck was "Wicket" which I guess is now the dog's name. My parents are awesome.

Wicket is an eight week-old Corgi. I'm a little bummed I won't get to see him in his ULTRA-cute puppy phase, but Claire and I will be back in Seattle later this summer so we'll get to play with him then, when he's a bit bigger.

AHHHHHHHHHH, I can't wait!

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I feel a sugar coma coming on. Gah! He's so cute!

Arlene Jun06

Yeah, oh my god, Claire and I skyped with my parents this weekend, and we got to see him tromping around. He is CUTE to the tenth power!

Alec Jun06

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