Phase 7 Funnies are now online!

Tue 6/7/2011

Just when you thought the comics page of this site could not possibly get any longer, I've added two new minicomics to the "Miscellaneous Comics" subsection.

The first is Phase 7 Funnies #1 which was a little bonus minicomic I sent out to all of the Phase 7 subscribers in December 2007. I do this from time to time, including this summer! I will be sending a copy of DRAGONS! to all the Phase 7 subscribers in a few weeks, along with Phase 7 #016. (Subscription info is here if you're interested!)

The second is Phase 7 Funnies #2 which was a minicomic I put together for Uncle Envelope in November 2009. For those of you who don't know, Uncle Envelope is a zine subscription service for kids! You sign up and get a new zine or minicomic every month from a different cartoonist. It is pretty much the best thing ever.

Both of these minicomics are comprised of rejected material that I submitted to Nickelodeon Magazine and National Geographic Kids. Although this stuff didn't make the cut, I still think there is a lot of funny stuff in here, so check it out if you are in need of a laugh or two (or some groans!)

Over the last few months I've been posting the accepted gags for the above magazines on my illustration blog and in my Flickr, so if you want, you can check those out, to compare and contrast. Enjoy!

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