Drawing at the Farm

Sun 6/26/2011

Aaron is spending this summer on a farm, which is a few hours away from White River Junction. Last week he went back to Chicago for Jeremy Tinder's wedding. I got to dogsit Beluga while he was gone, which was tons of fun. Beluga is the happiest dog on earth right now.

I spent most of my time on the farm drawing my fingers to the bone. I got TEN Basewood pages done in eight days, which is probably the most productive I have ever been with that book. I only have three more to pencil and then it's ink ink ink until the damn thing is done.

I'm also putting the finishing touches on Phase 7 #016, which should be mailed out to subscribers, along with a free copy of DRAGONS!, by the first or second week in July. If you're a Phase 7 subscriber and you've moved in 2011, please make sure I have your current mailing address!

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