Paper Rocket Minicomics!

Thu 6/30/2011

I received an email from my old pal Robyn Chapman this week, announcing her new publishing house, Paper Rocket Minicomics.

My take on minicomics is very simplistic. Phase 7 follows design template that I have been using since issue #001. I am more concerned with the comics inside the books than the books themselves, and therefore keep the design simple, with the hope that it will have more and more impact over the years, as I continue to reuse it. I feel like King-Cat Comics and Stories has done this, and that is my idolized minicomic role model.

ROBYN, on the other hand, makes the most beautiful minicomics that I have ever seen. She infuses the design of every minicomic she makes with the concept it's based on. Two-color screen printed dust jackets with french flaps, hand stamps, die cut elements, fold out sections - Robyn uses every bell and whistle available to the self-publisher, but never in a distracting way - ALWAYS to enhance the design, until it becomes PART of the reading experience.

If you have never held a copy of Hey, 4-Eyes!, you have not seen the artistic heights a minicomic can reach. You might think, "ELEVEN dollars?!" but if you had ever seen Robyn slaving away to put together just ONE copy of Hey, 4-Eyes! you would know that she's not charging as much as she could, or perhaps should.

Besides all of this, Robyn is an excellent editor, so I am very excited to see what projects she will be coming up with for her new venture. I have no doubt the stories will be engaging, the books will be beautifully designed, and really, what more could you want in a minicomic?

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Thanks so much Alec! That means a lot. I hope you noticed that you are #8 on my Top 40 (but shouldn't that be #7? I'll have to fix that).

I always say "make THOUGHTFUL and APPROPRIATE design choices". King-Cat has the perfect design for King-Cat, and the same can be said about Phase 7. Your design says a lot about your philosophy as a cartoonist.

11 dollars is a lot for a zine, but that zine is 88 pages long! I think most people don't realize that. I use the $.10 per page model and add some extra for screenprinting and such. I think that's fair (and I'm a cheapskate).

Can't wait to tell you about my new projects. I'll keep you posted!

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