Phase 7... THE MOVIE!

Fri 7/8/2011

Earlier today, my comics pal Neil Brideau alerted me to the fact that there is a movie coming out on the 13th, called PHASE 7.

It looks like a violent, end-of-the-world movie. It's pretty funny to see the title "PHASE 7" attached to something so completely different than my minicomic - though they did use a typeface that is very similar to the way I write out the word "PHASE." I guess that's what happens when you pick a kind of vague title for your minicomic.

ANYWAY, Phase 7 intern extraordinaire Sean Knickerbocker and I have been working hard this week mailing copies of Phase 7 #016 out to all the current subscribers, along with free copies of the DRAGONS! book. I will have information up on the comics page by Monday for ordering Phase 7 #016, along with some preview pages. Have a great weekend everyone!

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i was a bit surprised when i thought up the title ugly people and no one had used it before. it seems like such an obvious choice to call almost anything. i think the more something is in your face the harder it is to see. so the more abstart and crazy something is the more people will think about it. like jaws. it's such a scary story cause it's so real. but it took so long to think of it.

Geez, Alec -- I think you should go around claiming that this film IS the result of you selling PHASE7 to some big studio, and then them messing it up. You could pretend they paid you some huge sum of $$$$ and then complain about how they REALLY subverted your artistic intentions and totally changed the storyline... See how many people you can convince about it! -- M

Marek Jul25

I mean, the guy in the mask sorta does look like you... almost...?

Marek Jul25

Give me your address!
I'll send you a DVD!

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