Phase 7 #016 is now available!

Mon 7/11/2011

I mailed off the last of the subscriber copies of Phase 7 #016 today, so I have now put it up online for ordering in the comics section.

This issue features sixty-four pages of sketchbook comics from 2004 to 2008 - the four years I lived in New York City. It features stories of me working all over the city as a temp, various tales of heartache and girl trouble, as well as many hilarious interactions with some of the diverse denizens of The Big Apple! You can read the first 11 pages online right now for free if you want to check some of it out.

I had a mini-release party last week at the bar and since then a few people have told me they enjoyed the issue, so I'm already feeling a bit better about it than the previous sketchbook issue, which was met with mixed reviews.

As you'll read in the introduction, this is the LAST "placeholder" issue of my Transition plan. The next issue after this one will be #009, which is the LAST chapter of Basewood. At that point all my confusing non-sequential numbering nonsense will finally be at an end, and there will be a through line from issue #001 to issue #016. Then the REAL fun will begin... ALL NEW Phase 7 stories! I can't wait to get cracking on those.

In other news, I finally beat Medieval Madness yesterday!!! New comics and new high scores... it's been a good couple of days around here!

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Oh man, based on the preview pages this issue looks super jam packed! There's something super special and intimate about sketchbook comics that's hard to duplicate with "finished" comics.

Also, dude, congrats on putting out the 15th issue! you're a huge inspiration dude, keep on trucking!

Got my new Phase 7 in the mail Monday. Great 64-page issue filled with trials and tribulations. Also, enjoyed the dragon comic. Thanks!

dave Jul13

If you're ordering more than one back issue of Phase 7, do the shipping rates for international mail come down (a bit)? I hope my question doesn't seem cheap, although it's about getting something cheaper :-)

FrF Jul13

FrF - If you email me a list of things that you want to get from the Comics page, I can pack them up in a box and ship them off and then send you a PayPal invoice for the exact shipping amount. It might be cheaper than a bunch of stuff all at once!

Alec Jul13

looks really great alec! and what a gaint book it is! awesome! i think i'll wait for basewood to finish though before i order. then i'll get like 100 pages of comics all at once. One question though, were you drawing these comics right in ink, or did you pencil them first. i draw diary comics sometimes, and i usually do it right in ink and it looks great. then i want to do more and since i know i'll want to show someone i'm tempted to pencil it first to make it look as good as possible, but then it loses all charm! ughh comics. i hate how much i love you!

Okay, so help me out here because I want to be a subscriber but I don't want to miss anything either.

I have your collections of issues #001-004, then #010-11. Basedwood is #005-009, so I'm assuming there'll be a GN of that sometime within the next, say, 6 months to a year. So all need are issues #012-016 and I'm caught up? And though I realize some of them are sold out, would you go out of your way for a reader and make more?

Zack - all of the sketchbook comics are drawn directly in ink. And most of them were done while riding on the subway, so they are a little shaky too!

A.P. you've got it! Right now I only have the French-language edition of Basewood lined up, but I'm hoping when chapter 5 comes out some American publisher will show interest in it. I suspect it'll be at least a year before a book comes out.

But ALSO note that P7 #012 - #016 will be collected into a trade paperback which I'm planning to call "Marking Time." That will be out as soon as I have sold off and/or given away the entire print run of P7#016, which usually takes about a year. So if you want, you can just wait for that one too!

If you REALLY want the minicomics though, I could print up some more for you. Just shoot me an email.

Alec Jul14

Thanks for the info, Alec. I'll wait for the GN for #12-16, then.

Off to your archives.

I REALLY liked to new issue Alec. Don't let "mixed reviews" dissuade you from continuing to include material like this. This kind of writing provides a completely different dimension to your work than what readers experience with your fiction. I found this issue to be very meaningful and profound. Thank you very much for releasing it.


jason Jul16

i read the pages you posted and some of that stuff looks familiar. have you posted these pages before?

Yeah Zack, some of this stuff was posted on a site called Creative Skin a few years back. I explain it in the thank - you section in the back of the book.

Thanks for the kind words, Jason!

Alec Jul20

Loved it. Carry on.

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