Phase 7 #009 is done! Haircut Friday!!!

Mon 12/5/2011

After a long radio silence, I am pleased to announce that I finished drawing Basewood Chapter 5 at 3am on Friday morning. A few hours later Claire and I jumped in a car with James Sturm and both of the current CCS Fellows, Julie Delporte and Blaise Larmee, and we all headed down to New York City for the weekend.

Julie and Blaise both headed out to the Brooklyn Comics and Graphics Festival, which I sadly did not get to check out. But Claire and I ran a bunch of errands, James and I had a meeting with Al Jaffee (!!?!) and then Claire and I hung out with her extremely nice friends Amanda and Dustin.

We went and saw The Muppets which I LOVVVVVED. I pretty much cried through the entire movie. It was very cleverly written, the songs were great (I already bought the soundtrack and have been listening to it non-stop) and I think it will be very satisfying for hard core muppet fans as well as newcomers. Highly recommended!

Now that I'm back in WRJ, I'm in full-on production mode. As of this entry I have about half of the book scanned in, so I should be able to finish it up tonight and tomorrow. Wednesday I'll print, and as you can see above, on Friday I am having a book release party, which will be open to anyone who wants to attend. After a brief presentation, Claire is going to FINALLY cut off all my hair. We are going to tape it, so if you can't be there, you'll be able to watch it online.

If you are a Phase 7 subscriber and your address has changed since this summer PLEASE send me your current mailing address. Subscriber copies will be going out this week!

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Great news all around Alec. Congrats again, and best wishes on your next moves!

Andy Dec05

AWESOME! Congrats Alec!

Paul Dec05


2. Oh man, I wish I could be there to see the beard disappear live.

3. This is really going to mess with photo facial recognition software.

4. Al Jaffee!!!!!!

5. CONGRATS!!!!!

Thanks guys!!!

Alec Dec06

What the heck, Alec? You were in NY and you didn't come t0 the Festival. Bummers.

Also, what do you plan to do with all the hair? Donate it?

Just a suggestion for the beard growth: Have you thought about making brushes from it? Series/Phase 7 Pure Longstreth Sable!


Sorry dude, I had too much other stuff going on that weekend. Yes, I will be donating my hair. That would be funny to make a brush from the beard hair - maybe it would have magical comics power in it! :P

Alec Dec06

Awesome Alec! Congratulations man!

You should be proud my friend.

jason Dec07

you should tape a peice of hair inside of each comic of the frist print run! John Porcellino did it!

Yes! Alec, you did it! I can't make it because of a prior engagement... the DC Yule Ball. But I'm so psyched for you and I can't wait to read it. CONGRATS MAN!

Josh Dec07

Thanks everyone! No worries Josh. Have fun at the Yule Ball! (Claire and I are going to the Boston one a few days later! :)

Alec Dec07

Very exciting--thank you for your great instruction this summer--it's a privilege to say I've studied with you--

Cynthia C Harvey Dec07

CONGRATULATIONS, ALEC! That is really great and I'd like to buy the WHOLE SET as soon as I get up there to WRJ.

I probably won't recognize you when I walk past you, so flag me down!

Good job.

Sign me up for a full set!


Mike Mc Dec08


I hope this will be videotaped. If anyone there knows how to do one of those live video feeds, fans of phase 7/your beard/your dedication will surely tune in!

Can't wait to read it! Bravo, bravo, bravo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

CONGRATULATIONS, ALEC! Wish I would be there for the release party tonight!! Can't wait to read it ALL! Have fun feeling the wind all over your face again!! 11 hours 20 minutes to go!!!

Congratulations, Alec! What a fantastic feat! We're all proud of you. I wish I could make it to the release party, but I have to work. At seven o'clock I'll think of you without a beard.

Congrats, Alec!

I send my total respect that you made it without cutting your hair. Way to commit.

How many people can say "I stopped cutting my hair and got a book out of it"? Not many, I'd guess.

Looking forward to meeting the Alec underneath all that hair.

Tim Stout Dec09

You rule!! I'm so impressed.

Cara Bean Dec09

Congratulations Alec! Have fun tonight!

Great news! The Muppet movie is good. I've been waiting for your review.

Oh, and congrats on finishing Basewood. ;)

dave Dec10

Sorry I missed it Alec. Congrats!

Joel Gill Dec10

I'm thrilled you're done the book, but being a long-hair-and-beard enthusiast myself, am gonna miss the hair.

Keep us posted on your publication plans.

What would benefit you most money-wise? Wait for the graphic novel or grab all 5 issues of Basewood?

Thanks everybody!

A.P. I don't really make any money on my minicomics, and I don't expect to make any money on the collected book version, so it's the same difference to me!

Alec Dec16

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