Basewood Wrap-up & Ordering Info

Sun 12/11/2011

Hey check it out, I got a haircut! Below are a plethora of links associated with this momentous occasion:

1) At the last minute, (well, a few hours before the haircut), I figured out use LiveStream to broadcast the haircut across the internet. This was so awesome because it allowed friends to tune in from faraway lands such as Indonesia and Austria, as well as all across the USA. The whole event is archived on LiveStream if you would like to watch it.

2) If you don't have an hour to watch the whole video, you can check out the haircut highlights in this great Flickr set by my pal Beth Hetland who flew out all the way from Chicago to witness the event (!?!) She also helped me with the printing of the books, adding a deluxe face trim to each copy. Thanks Beth!

3) Besides giving me the final haircut, Claire also edited together this amazing video of all my Basewood photos, which we showed before the haircut:

4) Last, but definitely not least, Phase 7 #009 is finally available to order! And now that Basewood is complete, I thought it would be cool to offer a "multipack" to simplify shipping for people that want all five chapters. I'm making it the same price as a Phase 7 Subscription, so it'll also save people a few bucks! When you order this, you will get all five chapters of Basewood in their minicomic form. This is $7.00 cheaper than ordering all of the individual chapters in the USA, $7.50 cheaper to Canada and a whopping $13.75 cheaper for international customers!

I'm going to spend all day tomorrow getting the subscriber copies ready, so keep an eye on those mailboxes. There are comics on the way!

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Now you got me torn.

Will there be extra material with the GN?

No, but the GN will be bigger, with better printing and much higher production values. I'm going to do everything in my power to make it a beautiful book.

Alec Dec11

Hey thanks! Also, I just finished a little something of a blog post about you Mr. Victory...

miss you already, but it was so good to see your face!

Beth Dec11

Aw, thanks for such a touching post, Beth! I was absolutely floored when you decided to fly out for the big event. Hopefully I'll see you again soon.

Alec Dec11

Congratulations, Mr. Short-Hair Dude! I hope you don't miss the beard now that the cold of winter is setting in! (And no, I don't think that you will.)

Once again, congrats Longstreth! Really enjoyed the fun beard theatre. Super looking forward to Basewood. Cheers to you and Claire.

Cam Dec11

Claire's video is awesome.

Around the beginning of Chapter 4, you can see in your eyes how tired you are of the beard/hair.

Ryan G Dec11

CONGRATULATIONS ALEC! Just ordered myself a multipack and I CANNOT WAIT TO READ IT!

Hope we'll run into each other at some point in the coming year. It's been too long!

Keep being awesome and excited about comics!!

Hi ! I just spent a few lovely hours reading some of your online comics. Great job and dedication. All the best from France.

Rosk├ľ Dec12

Watched the video, great stuff. Proud of you. Glad you're free from this particular obligation after so much hard work.

As always, can't wait to see what you come up with next.

you look like bizarro Johnny Ryan now.

That video is great. Will you ever grow a beard again? It must be such a relief to be done and have that weight off your mind (literally).



I just got basswood in the mail, and I'm so proud of you Alec!

But seriously, you're not really a long hair / ponytail kinda guy... ;) But, you're a dedication kinda guy, so that's awesome!

Staab Dec17

It was a weird day, I passed through hell and noticed snowballs everywhere, I checked my pants, sure enough, there were monkeys flying out of my butt. "Hmmm, I thought, this could only mean one thing". I rushed to my mailbox and, sure enough, the final installment of "Basewood" had arrived!!! Congrats Alec, I'm glad I lived to see the day.

Bob Boehler Dec17

Congrats Alec! (It is you isn't it? I can't tell--you look so unfamiliar now. ;-))

Blake Dec19

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