Another Workshop Complete!

Sat 7/21/2012

Yesterday we wrapped up another successful CCS Summer Workshop. You can see some photos from the week in this Flickr set. The highlight of the week was when the students undertook our annual "Connect the Plot" challenge, which Aaron and I invented back in 2005.

Above is the cover for the book, which is quite possibly the craziest screen printing I've ever seen (dreamed up by bookmaking mastermind Jon Chad). Basically, the class invented an ice planet for our story, so we used blue paper with a vellum overlay that was screen printed with white ink on one side (not shown) and blue ink on the backside. The main character is seen skating through the snow on the cover, but when you open it up, she's racing towards The Sweaty Yeti (our bad guy). It's always really fun to jam out these covers while the students are creating the story. I think it might have been our best one yet!

On Friday, after the last class, we moved all of the tables and chairs into CCS's new Post Office building. I am super excited that I will get to teach the first ever class in the new space. It's a lucky thing that the first class is happening this summer, because I won't be here in the fall!

Liz and Maris are coming up to hang out with Aaron and me tomorrow, so I'll get to cram in a few hours of summer fun before the next workshop kicks off!

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