WORK: Part Three

Thu 3/24/2005

Well, I'm all burned out after last night's rant, so I'll keep this short. But basically it has occurred to me at work that DISTRIBUTION is the central problem of the modern world.

All I do all day is open boxes, take out massive ammounts of bubble wrap, take out the items I need and then THROW OUT the bubble wrap and recycle the boxes. Emily and I fill at a minimum THREE GARBAGE BAGS a day with packing materials and fed ex envelopes.

And you KNOW, that somewhere, probably within a ONE BLOCK RADIUS, someone in a mailroom somewhere is putting together a new box, lining the inside with new bubble wrap putting items inside and then mailing it off somewhere.

I mean, is that totally frustrating to anyone else? The landfills are just getting higher and higher while one person is throwing out what another person is using??? JUST BECAUSE THOSE TWO PEOPLE CAN'T SHARE??? You might not know this, but in New York they collect the trash THREE times a week, because there are just so many people here, making SO MUCH TRASH. And downtown they collect it EVERY night.

Anyways, I'll spare you the part where I FREAK OUT, but seriously--if someone wants to SAVE THE WORLD, they should start a service--even if it just started with bubble wrap--where you fill up a red garbage bag (or some other distinguishable color) with your used bubble wrap. Make sure there's no tape on it, and that it's clean, etc. And then the service would come pick up the bag and take it to another client who needs a lot of bubble wrap. BOOM. No more throwing out perfectly good bubble wrap, no more wasting energy and materials making MORE unneeded bubble wrap. (like those CLOTH DIAPER services that rock so much!)

The other idea I had was to somehow make a reusable plastic FedEx box. You know--like old Coca Cola bottles. You'd use it, give it back to FedEx (when they come to drop off another package to you) they re-sterilize it and it's a new box again. I mean, ALL the FedEx boxes are standard sizes, so why not make them REUSABLE instead of DISPOSABLE???

Okay. I'm going to shut up about all of this. The bottom line is that working in an office is driving me insane. I go crazy trying to save stuff and make sure what CAN be recycled gets recycled and I know that the other 99.99% office workers in Manhattan just don't give a crap and it makes me want to gouge my eyes out. ALSO: Recycling kicks ass--don't get me wrong--but it also uses a lot of ENERGY, which is usually produced in lousy ways (read: POLLUTION). So please don't forget to focus on those OTHER two "R"s (when I learned about Recycling in 3rd grade or whatever it was "The THREE Rs"):


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