Out of the Pan and Into the Fire!

Thu 9/20/2012

Well, SPX was absolutely amazing this year. It's always my favorite show, but this year it went above and beyond my already high expectations. The floor was 50% bigger this year, but with only 20% more tables, so it was easier for people to walk around and it was very comfortable behind the tables as well. Tons and tons and TONS of people came out for the show, thanks to the stellar line-up of special guests, and everybody sold lots of comics. Hooray for SPX!

Please note that my past three weekends have involved: 1) The San Francisco Zine Fest 2) Zozobra and 3) SPX. This has meant a lot of traveling, and honestly, I would love to just take it easy this weekend... but no such luck!

See, I found out last week that the 6th annual Pacific Pinball Expo is this weekend up in San Rafael (just on the other side of the bay!).

So tomorrow I'm waking up bright and early to go help set up the show, then I will be there all weekend long, selling copies of Drop Target Zine at the Stern Pinball / Marco Specialties booth, and then on Monday I'm going to help break everything down. I'm also going to do my best to catch some of the amazing programming and to play as many of the 400+ games as I can. This will be my first pinball convention, so any way you slice it, I'll get some good material for the next issue of Drop Target Zine, which has a theme of "Community."

So if you're into pinball, maybe I'll see you there!

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