The Parade of Visitors Marches On!

Mon 10/22/2012

Claire and I have had a lot of visitors and houseguests ever since we arrived in Oakland - her brother Natch, my sister Courtney, plus Greg has visited twice for San Francisco comics events. This trend continued once again this weekend! Last weekend while I was tabling at APE in San Francisco, my best friend Gabe was down in San Jose playing in a Magic tournament.

On Wednesday night he rolled through Oakland and I got to hang out with him for a few days. It was good to see him! We played a lot of pinball (or as much as possible, with his recently injured hand) did a few repairs on the machine, came up with a Dvorak layout for iOS devices, and also had a massive story meeting for a top-secret Phase 7 project that is a ways down the line.

Then, on Friday night my parents came to town for about 48 hours. We showed them around our neighborhood, and hung out for a bit before they headed back to Seattle last night. Claire's Mom and Step-Father are visiting this weekend, so the fun never stops!

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