10 Years of Phase Seven Comics!

Mon 12/3/2012

Ten years ago today, on December 3rd 2002, I picked up Phase 7 #001 from the printer in Los Angeles. I still remember sitting in the back of my car, signing copies before my shift at work. I was full of excitement, ready to share my comics with the world.

Over the last ten years, I put out sixteen issues of Phase 7 (most of which can be read in the Phase 7 Online Archive) but in some ways it feels like I have only made it through the first big chapter of what I plan to do.

In the first four issues, I practiced my storytelling and experimented with various cartooning techniques. Then the next five issues were Basewood, which took me eight years to complete. All the rest of the issues were in support of that task, either explaining why issues were being released out of order, or the odds and ends that filled in the gaps between chapters of Basewood.

I wish I could say that Phase 7 #017 will be out this year as I had planned, but I have to practice what I preach, and my chart for this issue is projecting a January/February release date. I'm obviously pretty bummed about this, but I'm going to take this opportunity to put my 2013 new year's resolution into action, a full month early: I want to stop apologizing so much for everything. "I'm sorry the issue is late." "I'm sorry I haven't written a blog post in two weeks" etc. etc. etc. Enough!

In my mind, the Phase 7 subscribers are all constantly checking their mailboxes for the next issue, when in reality most people are just happy to see it when it arrives. I am bummed that this issue is taking so long, and especially bummed that I won't even put out one lousy issue in the tenth anniversary year of my comic book, but that's just the way things shook out this year. 2012 was a very busy year for me and I am dealing with some pretty heavy stuff right now. So the next issue will be done whenever it's done! I want to start this second chapter of Phase 7 out with a really strong issue, so I'm taking my time and making sure that it is something I can be proud of.

If any subscribers are upset about this, I will be happy to refund their money, though I will say that 2013 is shaping up to be a productive year, so I hope people will be patient with me and stick it out. I've got millions of more ideas that I want to explore in Phase 7, so I'm very much looking forward to the next ten years, and many more after that. Thanks to everyone who has supported Phase 7 for the last ten years, especially the Phase 7 subscribers, I quite literally could not have done it without you!

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I like your new year's resolution! Considering Phase 7 #11 is probably my favorite of all, and how the cover relates to...well why I am I telling you? You already know!

Count me in the "just happy when it arrives" camp.

Matt Dec03

Congratulations Alec! Happy 10 Years! As always you remain an inspiration to me and I 'm sure a host of other cartoonists around the world. Your comics are always a huge pleasure to read, your art and craft as a cartoonist is a joy, and in general you are just an awesome guy. So happy that you are out there and just as committed to making great comics now as you were in the beginning. It's been a pleasure to watch. Can't wait for the next ten years bud.

Cam Dec03

The main reason I became a subscriber was to get Phase 7 whenever it came out without having to worry about putting in an order. Keep putting out work and I'll keep throwing money at you. You do wonderful work and it's good to see you busy doing work you enjoy (hopefully). Furthermore, I, and I bet many other subscribers/fans, am quite busy as well, so being a subscriber helps keep me in tap with something I like, so anytime a new Phase 7 arrives in the mail my whole body says "Whoo!"
Keep being you,

Oddy Dec03

Congrats, Alec! I've been a subscriber for half that time (almost).

David Dec03

Hello Alec, Just thought I would peek my head in and check in on your blog. Congrats on 10 years of Phase 7! I'm glad that you are giving yourself a break to take the time needed to get settled and make the next issue. "Alec riding a turtle postcard" is above my drawing table. You are such a generous person and I really appreciate all of the comics goodness you have enlighten me with.
-Cara Bean

Cara Bean Dec05

Thanks everyone for your thoughtful and supportive comments! They mean a lot to me.

Alec Dec07

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