Phase 7 #017 Sneak Preview!

Fri 1/18/2013

I have uploaded the first ten pages of Phase 7 #017 as a sneak preview. This will be the first issue of the "Weezer Fan" trilogy which will cover Phase 7 #017-#019.

I am hard at work inking the last few pages of this issue. Then all I need to do is tone the rest of the pages and get it printed. Phase 7 #017 should go out to the Phase 7 subscribers in early February, so please let me know if you moved in 2012! Once all the subscribers have their copies, I will make the issue available to order online. Keep an eye on this blog for more info soon!

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alec, i'd like to order a copy of this for myself and one for a friend, who lives in another state. what would be the best way to do this? should i just do two orders? i kind of want this to be a surprise for him.

Yeah Zack, just do two orders with the different mailing addresses, once it goes up for sale. Thanks in advance!

Alec Jan19

Is it because of your work that you cancelled your venue to Angoulême ? I am so disappointed. Hopefully, there will be Basewwod to buy at the stand :-)

flo Jan29

I'm sorry to disappoint, Flo! Check the next post to see why I'm not coming. You will definitely be able to buy Basewood at the L'employé du Moi stand!

Alec Jan29

how can i contact you by email? I need to find out how I can obtain a copy of the Weezer Memories Tour VIP Posters. I have the Blue Album one and I misplaced my Pinkerton tour one ( went to both VIP nights) and I am trying to get the Pinkerton one for my husband for our 22nd wedding anniversary. Can you help me find a copy please?????

dina knobel Jan31

Sorry Dina. Those were SUPER limited edition prints. I'm 99.99% certain there were no extra copies printed. I get requests for these all the time - sorry I can't be of more help!

Alec Jan31

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