Phase 7 at the L.A. Zine Fest!

Sun 2/10/2013

Today I inked the last page of Phase 7 #017! This week I will be frantically scanning all the pages, correcting and proofreading them and then trying to print out a small batch to bring with me to the L.A. Zine Fest which is on Sunday February 17th! If you are in the Los Angeles area please come check it out! I will be at table 29. I'll also have all four issues of Drop Target Zine and a big stack of The Dvorak Zine.

As soon as I get back from that trip I will be printing up Phase 7 #017 for real and sending it out to all the Phase 7 subscribers. If you are a subscriber and you moved in 2012, please send me your current mailing address! After all the subscribers have their copies I will put the issue up for sale in the comics section. All of this will happen before February is through!

Sadly, Claire will not be able to join me on this trip. She is doing better and better each day, but she has another checkup on Friday so she has to hang out here. Honestly, it's probably best that she continues to lay low and take it easy.

It's been five years since my last visit to L.A. so I am looking forward to seeing my L.A. friends again. Each trip to Los Angeles helps me create new, happy memories which replace all of my sad, lonely memories from living there in 2002. The bright spot in the middle of those dark times was self-publishing the first issue of Phase 7, so it'll feel good to return to the city with an additional sixteen issues under my belt!

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