It's Raining, It's Pouring...

Sun 4/3/2005

I woke up early Saturday morning to do all of my weekly errands (laundry, groceries, bank, post office, library, etc). And of course, it was POURING RAIN the whole time I was running around. I finally got back to the apartment by about 11am at which point it stopped raining. SWEET.

Actually, it rained again off and on, all day. It was actually really nice. Not only because it reminds me of home, but because it relieves the guilt involved in drawing ALL DAY. It's a lot easier to sit there and go, "Well, I SHOULD be drawing, because I certainly don't want to go outside and get soaked again!"

It did make me think though... what do people DO all day, when they don't have a comic book to draw? My housemates Nich and Ilana were here pretty much the whole day too. But what were they doing? Reading? Watching TV? Talking to friends? I just don't quite understand what normal people do with all their free time... I guess I'm a little out of it.

Not much else to report... I went to TWO "art openings" at galleries this week which was pretty weird. A lot of New York people, shmoozing, drinking wine and not looking at the art. I got to see some original Paul Pope pages though. That was cool. Also, (DUH) I'm getting SUPER F'ING EXCITED ABOUT STAR WARS, which is only 45 days away... I'm worried about getting tickets, but hopefully the force will be with me.

Oh, and I'm working on some TOP SECRET projects that involve coloring my drawings on the computer, so I'm going to be doing some tests, as you can see here. Enjoy!

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