B-Sides: Phase 7 #012-#016 is now available!

Fri 4/12/2013

I'm pleased to announce that issues #012-#016 of Phase 7 have been collected into a single volume, called B-Sides, which clocks in at 266 pages. Copies are available from Lulu.com and it will soon be available in a variety of other venues. I will also have copies available at the Stumptown Comics Fest April 27th and 28th in Portland, Oregon along with copies of Phase 7 #017 and the brand new Drop Target #5.

This collection feels long overdue. Somehow it has been seven years since I last released a new collection of Phase Seven Comics (!?!). And some of these issues have been out of print for four or five years. It feels good to have them available again, and all under one spine. I recently stacked up issues #001-#016 which was about 750 pages!

I'm going bonkers with tons of freelance work at the moment so I haven't had much time for blogging. I do have a lot of ideas bouncing around in my head though, so hopefully once the dust settles I'll have lots of stuff to share with everyone. Until then, I hope that you all are having a good Spring so far!

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That is a really great cover! I take it you're planning to make collections of all the phase seven issues as you complete the stories? I really love mini's but I prefer to sit down and read a book if I can.

NICE! Happy to have Phase 7 back in my mailbox btw, brother... missed your voice around here.

@Zack - yeah, I always collect issues into books once I have enough material. The next book will collect Phase 7 #017-#019, the "Weezer Fan trilogy"

@Andy - Thanks man!

Alec Apr22

I have your other collections and will get this as well once it hits Amazon (will it hit Amazon?).

Thank A.P. This book is up on Amazon now. Links are here: http://www.alec-longstreth.com/comics/#P7_Bsides

Alec Jul14

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