Round Two

Sun 6/2/2013

To say that Claire bounced back quickly after her surgery is an understatement. She has been incredibly active these past few months, teaching a fashion design club for a local high school and making mountains of Fluff Engine plush toys which she sold at the recent Maker Faire. If it wasn't for the scar on her neck, you'd think the whole "thyroid cancer" thing had never happened.

It did though, and June is the month where she undergoes her second round of treatment. A few weeks ago Claire was taken off her thyroid medication, which means that her energy level has dropped a little bit. She's also on a low iodine diet now, which is kind of crazy, because our society puts iodine in salt and salt is in EVERYTHING. We have been making a lot of food from scratch, including the focaccia bread you see here!

The idea is that if there are any thyroid cells left anywhere in Claire's body they are being starved of iodine which they really, really want. Then this week the doctors will give her some radioactive iodine, which will wipe out the remaining cells. Claire will be radioactive for about four days, during which she's not supposed to be around anyone else. We're going to set up a little command center for her in the bedroom and I'll be spending my days at the other end of the apartment, working and sleeping in my studio.

Hopefully everything will go well and by the time July rolls around this will all be behind us. The "cancer cloud" has been looming over us this whole year, so we're both glad her second round of treatment is finally underway. Once it's over, I'm hoping we won't have to think about cancer again for a really long time!

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I'm glad the surgery went well and recovery has been quick. Best of luck to Claire in this next phase!

John Platt Jun02

Alec, you've always been a major inspiration for me and my work. I truly hope you and Claire all the best.

jason r Jun06

Thanks John and Jason!

Alec Jun06

I hear you, Alec. My stepson has been crushing cancer (as he puts it) for a year and a half now and is doing really well. I'm so pleased to hear that Claire is responding so well to her treatment. Here's to escaping from the shadow of that cancer cloud!

Also, we should get Claire and Jack together sometime. He always likes to meet other cancer crushers!

Ellie Jun12

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