The Internets, They are a Changin'

Sun 6/30/2013

On Monday, Google is pulling the plug on Google Reader. I keep track of everything I read on the internet using RSS feeds, so I was pretty bummed out by this decision. After researching the available alternates, Claire and I decided to go with The Old Reader, because it pretty much does everything Google Reader did, in pretty much the same way.

While transferring all my RSS feeds over to the new service, I went through and cleaned out a lot of dead feeds. It was kind of sad seeing how many sites I used to follow that had closed down.

I can understand why though; I certainly know that my relationship with blogging has changed over the years. If you look at the little "Archives" section on the right sidebar of this page you'll see that my number of posts has steadily declined since 2007. I think part of that is because I'm getting busier and busier as I get older, but also I don't feel that burning need to share everything I'm doing all the time.

Anyway, losing Google Reader combined with the recent, horrible overhaul of Flickr has me kind of freaked out about the internet right now. I know I should be trying to keep up with everything (Tumblr, Pinterest, etc. etc.) but I just don't have the energy. Every time I see some new service pop up I just tell myself "I'd rather be drawing!"

Anyway, out here in the "real world" I'm going to be heading up to Seattle to spend the 4th of July with my parents, and then a few weeks after that I'll be heading out to Vermont to teach some of the summer workshops at The Center for Cartoon Studies.

I'm also gearing up to work on some really cool projects, but I can't talk about them just yet. When I can, I'll let you all know! Until then, I hope everyone is having a good summer so far. Stay cool!

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