The City That I Can't Sleep In!!!

Tue 9/7/2004

Well, the BIG news is that I'm in New York City.

The BIGGER news is that has been completely destroyed!!! HAHHHAHHAHHAHAHAAAA!!!! TAKE THAT!

Seriously though, Mr. Nate Beaty is working hard getting this site into ship-shape so for now I'm just adding as much content as I can and giving him notes on how to tighten everything up. So please be patient and hopefully with our powers combined this site will be ROCKIN in about a week.

I have a billion things to say, but I'm going to save them for later posts, because as the title indicates, I'm SOOOOO TIRED. I keep waking up at 2am and then can't fall asleep until like 5am. JETLAG? THE HEAT? THE NOISE? You decide....

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