Phase 7 #018 is now available for ordering!

Wed 9/4/2013

If you can believe it, a few hours after my last post, the Basewood Kickstarter hit its funding goal! Thanks so much to everyone who has made a pledge so far. There is still money coming in, so I will be announcing a cool "push goal" later this week.

And because things don't seem quite busy enough around here at Phase Seven Comics headquarters, I'm pleased to announce that Phase 7 #018 is now available for online ordering. This issue tells the story of my first ever concert-going experience, to see Weezer live in Seattle in 1997 on the second leg of the Pinkerton tour. Tragedy, elation and ROCK! This chapter has it all.

You can read a seven page preview of this issue over on the comics page. Check it out!

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