Out with the old, in with the new!

Thu 1/9/2014

I finished my eleventh sketchbook last weekend. I started this one on December 20th, 2011, just after finishing Basewood. It was one I bound myself out of an old flannel shirt and some cool Steve Bissette dinosaur prints for the endpapers. The front half was full of yellow photocopy paper that I had laying around and the back was some nice drawing paper that I had left over from a project.

I mostly filled this thing up with daily strips about what is going on in my life, on days when I was too busy to draw "real" comics. I was pretty disappointed with the quality of Phase 7 #015 and #016, which were both sketchbook issues, so I intentionally drew in a sloppy, fast style, so that I will never be able to use these comics as a publishing safety net. No one's ever going to see these comics, and I'm okay with that. The rest of it was thumbnails and sketches for various illustration work.

For my twelfth sketchbook I'm going to use the "Bulking Dummy" that the printer sent me for my self-published edition of Basewood. This is basically the exact book (actual size, real paper, real cover stock, etc.) except that it is entirely blank. It'll be fun to fill up, and it's sort of symbolically nice, because so much of my work this year is going to be devoted to getting Basewood out into the world. I can use this blank version of the book to capture my new ideas while I am out on the road, trying to sell as many filled-in copies as I can!

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