Angoulême, Paris and Brussels!

Sun 1/26/2014

Well, the Basewood books arrived safely from the printer on Thursday. Over the next couple of months I will be mailing out the Kickstarter backer copies, and then the book should be showing up in U.S. stores in late March or early April.

Meanwhile, in Europe, Basewood has been out for more than a year! On Tuesday I'm finally heading back to France and Belgium to promote the book. This trip will be especially fun, because I will be traveling and doing some signings with two of my CCS buddies, Charles Forsman and Joe Lambert.

Our trip kicks off with the Angoulême Festival International de la Bande Dessinée which runs from January 30th - February 2nd. Chuck and I are both published by L'employé du Moi so we'll be at table N5 in the "Nouveau Monde" tent:

Then after the festival we will be taking the train up to Paris to do a few signings. On February 4th at 6pm Chuck and I will be signing books at L'Atelier d'en face and on February 5th at 5pm Joe, Chuck and I will all be signing books at Super Héros.

After that, all three of us are heading up to Brussels for two more signings. The first is on February 7th at 4:30pm at Tropismes and the second is on February 8th at 4pm at Multi-BD.

This is the first of about a dozen trips I will be taking this year to promote Basewood. You can check the comics page to see a list of my 2014 comics appearances.

Well, that's about it. I'm sure it's going to be a great trip. The last time I went to Angoulême, it was quite an adventure! I'm probably not going to have consistent internet access while I'm on the road, so I'll report back here once it's all over, to tell you all how it went. Bon voyage!

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