Europe was rad

Sun 2/16/2014

Hello there, blog friends. I am back in the United States! Man, I had a great time in Europe. Those people sure do love comics over there.

I uploaded a bunch of photos from my trip and wrote little descriptions to accompany them, so head on over to my Flickr account if you want a play-by-play account of how awesome my trip was. I was especially glad to get to spend some real quality travel time with Chuck, Joe, Scott and Max, not to mention the whole rest of the gang at L'employé du Moi. They are the best! I am so lucky to be published by such wonderful people.

It was a crazy week back here at home trying to get caught up with everything. I've got a lot of illustration stuff going on right now, which is good, but also I am trying to send out all the Kickstarter Basewood copies. Luckily Claire is helping me out a lot. We're going to try and get all the copies sent out before I leave for Emerald City Comic Con, because after that I am going to be traveling A LOT.

Anyway, thank you so much to all the wonderful people who made my trip so memorable. I had a wonderful time and wish I could visit again soon!

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